SEDANAL is a program for the analysis of data from the Beckman XL Analytical Ultracentrifuge.

It was originally written to analyze sedimentation velocity data from heterologous interacting systems of the type

A + B = C        Ka = [C]/[A][B]


A + B = C        K1 = [C]/[A][B]

C + B = D        K2 = [D]/[C][B]

In its first incarnation, it was called ABCD_FITTER and when combined with ISODES_FITTER (which was devoted to analysis of isodesmic indefinite self-associating systems), it became ABCD_ISOFITTER. ABCD_ISOFITTER was designed to fit a two step binding reaction with isodesmic self association of component B as a side reaction.

These programs were combined and a data preprocessor with a GUI (graphical user interface) added and it was renamed SEDANAL.

Since those early days (1997-2000), SEDANAL has evolved to be able to handle any arbitrary reaction scheme with up to 28 components and/or 28 species related by up to 27 chemical reactions.

Both isodesmic and isoenthalpic indefinite self-associations are also included.

A Model Editor program is used to maintain a small database of models that are used by the main SEDANAL fitting program.

SEDANAL can process both sedimentation velocity and sedimentation equilibrium data.

Two other programs have been included within SEDANAL:


SEDANAL can be downloaded from the RASMB software archive

Download SEDANAL


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